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      We’re still doing this?  Absolutely!  Despite all the compelling reasons to just let everyone go home and enjoy and extended offseason, this is not an option.  The games must be played, and therefore we the long-suffering fans will feel compelled to watch.  Even games no reasonable football fan would choose to watch like, for example, today’s Redskins Jets game.   

      Today’s convergence of sadness features the 30th ranked scoring offense (Jets 14.4 ppg) versus the 32nd (Redskins 12.0 ppg).  The first team to 15 wins!  With no playoff aspirations the compelling story lines for this game are largely limited to watching young players (hopefully) develop.  Dwayne Haskins gets his first home start and Derrius Guice is back from injury.   
      My, reasonable, goals for today’s game:  
      1- Score a touchdown 
      2- Score more than 17 points.   
      3- Haskins throws for 200 yards or more with no interceptions  
      4- Guice runs the ball at least 10 times and finishes at 3.5 yards per carry and healthy.  
      Hoping for a win at this point feels like setting myself up for disappointment, so I’m happy to settle for an entertaining loss.  
      Special thanks to @pez for some excellent Guinness beef stew.  If you absolutely have to stand in a frozen parking lot at 9am, the best place to do it is at the Extremeskins Tailgate with Pez and @Huly.  Great fans, great people. 
      The Redskins have declared for the following players as inactive: 
      Paul Richardson  
      Colt McCoy 
      Deshazor Everett 
      Chris Thompson  
      Ross Pierschbacher 
      Vernon Davis  
      Tim Settle  
      The Jets declared the following players as inactive  
      Nate Hairston  
      Darryl Roberts  
      Paul Worrilow 
      Matthias Farley  
      CJ Mosley  
      Jordan Willis  
      Leo Koloamatangi 
      1st Quarter - Redskins 0 - 6 Jets
      If you wanted to sit in the cold and watch a football game with some Jets fans at FedEx, but were worried that there were not enough seats available, I have good news.  There’s plenty of space available, so come on down and prove you’re a real fan by sitting though this in person.
      Jets dominated the 1st quarter even though they only scored 6 points.  The reason being that Washington managed only 13 yards of offense and a single first down.  
      Question: Is it still a check down pass if the QB never looks at anyone else?
      2nd Quarter - Redskins 3 - 20 Jets
      The Jets have achieved an insurmountable 13 point lead early in the 2nd quarter.  All hope is lost.

      Is there a more perfect example of the Redskins offense than their first scoring drive in the 2nd quarter?  Interception gives the Redskins the ball on the Jets 16 yard line.  They proceed to march 10 yards backwards before kicking a field goal from the Jets 26.  It's perfect.  Two or three more field goals we can call it a day. 

      The Jets score again and if feels like they are are just piling on at this point.  Three touchdowns in the first half for them, just three points for the redskins.  Our streak of no touchdowns has now extended to 15 quarters. 
      3rd Quarter - Redskins 3 - 20 Jets
      There is a spider slowly descending from the ceiling in the press box and it's the most interesting thing that's happened during the third quarter of this game. 
      I have decided to allow the spider to live, provided it does not touch me.  I'm off to get some more caffeine. 

      4th Quarter - Redskins 17 - 34 Jets
      The first wave of Redskins fans, the few that are here, started streaming towards the exits after that 4th Jets touchdown.  As if the Jets didn't have this game wrapped up in the 2nd quarter. 
      Jet have now more than doubled their average points per game and have matched their season high of 34 points (and they missed two field goals in this game). 
      TOUCHDOWN REDSKINS!  THE DROUGHT IT OVER!  Guice took a short pass from Haskins  all the way to the house.  2 point conversion is successful on a pass from Haskins to Quinn. 
      The Redskins score another touchdown!  This feels like an embarrassment of riches, even if we are still certain to lose this game. 
      End of Game.
      Let's review those reasonable goals I mentioned earlier:
      1- Success.
      2- Close enough, I'm counting it
      3- Haskins did throw for over 200, but unfortunately did have an interception. 
      4- Guice was not given the opportunity to run the ball ten times today.  He did however score on a 45 yard TD pass and finish the game healthy.  I'll take it.
      Even though the Redskins lost, it was good to see the offense show some faint signs of life and end the streak of games without a TD.  The team looked competitive for much of the second half, and perhaps they could have made this a fun game if they carried that same energy throughout.  It was good to see Guice and Mclaurin show out today.  I think both of them have a future with this team that I look forward to seeing. 




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Official game thread: Washington at Carolina.

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I thought Sultan looked pretty good running against the scrubs !

Rob Johnson actually looked pretty good.

Make Royal the starting TE for now.

Noble was suspect at best !

Didn't hear Champ's name tonight - so he obviously did his job !

Woeful was just plain awful - should have started up the Hamden Hummer in the 4th.

Special teams were frightening

Dropped balls and penalties were the order of the day.

:puke: :doh: :shoothead :thud:

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Well, Mushin Muhammed beat Molden twice and Wade Davis the next time.

Ramsey was 2/6 and that looks bad, but if it wasn't for the drops by Johnson and Flemister. He's 4/6 and both drives would have continued. Ramsey had one play where he overthrew it badly, i think it may have been like his first throw though, if you want to call that an excuse.

Samuels allowed a sack I believe, think Rucker beat him, but that was mostly due to Ramsey holding the ball for about 8 seconds.

I thought Robert Royal played pretty well and looked much better than Flemister.

One of the things that disappointed me most on offense was our players inability to break simple arm tackles.

Kenny Watson looked very bad between the tackles from the little i saw from him. Unless its Betts we have out their at RB, running between the tackles will not work until we've established the passing game.

I think if we had our usual right ends and trotter, we may have played the run better. David Terrell and Fred Smoot missed some open field tackles(what else is new?) on Davis.

I didn't notice Bailey get beat or miss a tackle, dont even remember seeing him out there really.

Arrington overran a play or two and didn't get a chance to make any plays really. He ran down davis on his biggest run, the 34 yard one i believe.

Matt Bowen also overran a play, but had a back covered nicely out in the flats on a play in the redzone.

Noble was very unimpressive. Zellner was active but seemed to get dominated at the line. Jermaine Haley was decent, thats the best i can give him with our Dline's performance.

Jesse Armstead made some tackles, mostly because they were running at his side every play. He covered Davis on the very first play and got beat, which was embarrassing.

Cliff Russell and Taylor Jacobs both had catches near the first down marker where I felt they should have been able to fight and get the extra yard or so.

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putting it nicely, no unit on the team was at form tonight.

special teams were awful. Terrence Wilkins had gobs of yardage in first half on returns. Morton got few yards in response. Our lifeguard kicker got off just about the worst impression of a field goal attempt I may have ever seen :laugh:

offense? Coles had a nice long play then was gone. Flemister dropped balls. Bryan Johnson dropped balls. The line allowed penetration and didn't give Canidate much room to operate. Backup linemen were dreadful and Rob Johnson spent most of the night running for his life. He had a TD called back on a holding call.

defense? Davis had 80 yards in less than a full quarter. lbs and dbs couldn't tackle anybody in the open field. the total points allowed were skewed by Carolina turnovers, 2 forced fumbles by Antonio Pierce. Without those plays the score would have been worse than 6-0 and then 13-0.

All this said, it would be very difficult to draw conclusions on what this means for a 16 game season.

A LOT of key players were absent or made only cameo appearances.

Upshaw and Trotter would have helped against the rush on D. Having Upshaw may have allowed the Skins to move Wynn inside to help stem the tide early at DT. As it was we started with Bernard Jackson, a second year UDFA starting not at DT his projected spot for 2003 but at DE!

Once he moved inside in the second quarter, I think his play looked solid enough, although Davis was gone by then.

This team may have been overconfident coming in and could just have been jacked by a prepared team that has a tough playing edge which goes back to the personality of their head coach.

Fox is known as a tough competitor and motivator. His team came out that way tonight and stuck everything that moved.

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well i will just assume that the ol ball coach can get things together when i go to the Pats vs Skins game next week.

hey, no one got hurt seriosly (Coleman hurt his shoulder but I think he willbe fine he looks tough enough) so it was not as bad as it could have been.

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Though probably one of ther youngest members that still clearly remembers the Gibbs era (when we sometimes looked ugly in preseason), this is only a preseaon game. Yeah we may laugh at Tom and Flow...because of their preseason premieres ,but this is clearly the preseason. In the end I was actually a little surpised by R.Johnson (though against 2nd stringers). Clearly we have a lot to learn about this team, and they have alot to prove. But this in the end is the best thing for the Skins.

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............TOP 5 THINGS THAT SUCKED IN THIS GAME....................

#5- The radio announcer mentioning M. Vick after J. Dilholes run for a first down.

#4- the replacemnet kicker should stick to lifeguarding and surfing.

#3- the 3 dropped passes ramsey threw.

#2- 2 plays before the delay of game, the announcer mentioned how quick rob is in and out of the huddle wasting no time and making obvious verteran decisions.

#1- last and most distressing the over/under was 38.5.

this was a predicted offensive shootout....where's the training camp offense we've bragged about all week.......


good luck giants...you play'm next week......

as for the patriots..look out spurrier might be mad......


:finger: :doh: :shoothead :( :thud: :cuss: :stupid: :wtf: :crap:

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OK- I've gone through 13 of the 30+ pages here, without seeing the game, and this is what I've gathered: this is the first game. Remeber what Spurrier said...'we want to peak in the first regular season game, not the first preseason one.' This holds a lot of water. The skins were not a first quarter team last year, on both sides of the ball. If Ramsey showed an inkling of ability in his limited time on the field, after the hours of hype and anxious nerves, then I am impressed! One big pass to me, shows a great deal of potential this season.

And we had some turnovers? That's great. THe defense will gel...not on the first game.

So, everybody keep your heads up! WE're skins fans, and our team really needs us. Maybe Redskin football would be better if we just showed a little faith.


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he's right.....it is the first game...at least we now know what we have to improve in....we still have 3 games left....

lets stop with all the bad smilies and start the good ones....

:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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