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PFT: League waiting for Skins strategy?


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We are beginning a new era where we don't just throw our cards down on the table face-up anymore. Other teams are going to have to get used to this.

Exactly. No more Redskins personell who hate Vinnie giving out secrets. This team that has been organized is truly a TEAM and they all move in unison. I enjoy not hearing a thing because I know a bunch of stuff is being prepared and being prepared PROPERLY.

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It could also come down to the fact the Redskins are in rebuilding mode and simply don't have that many proven players in their primes to protect in free agency.

and with only 5 draft choices the Redskins only move there appears to be a chance to move down if Bradford is on the board at #4, which he probably won't be as the Rams are likely to make the mistake in taking him #1.

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