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Best crab legs in Northern VA?


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Jerry's in Lanham is the best. I admit I have never had G&M, does not matter. Try Jerry's.
Jerry's Crab Bomb is AWESOME! I heard they opened one in Bowie as well......

Try G&M though, you won't regret it

I'm near there all the time, gonna have to give it a try.

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I take it that MD crabs are not in season yet, where are the crabs coming from, say from

Captain Pell's? Asia?

I grew up in Maryland and this thread is making me miss my grampa taking me to Chesapeake Bay Seafood House (sniff sniff) But I learned an interesting little tid bit when I came to New Orleans.... Most of your maryland blue crabs... actually come from lousianna... I didn't believe the guy that told me but he has been crabbing for years and I have had other local fisherman back him up.

I doing all I can to introduce steaming seafood (OLD BAY!!) to these cajun's but they are all about boiling. I have to have seafood dinners all the time to show them the way, It's a tough life, but someone has to do it.

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LMFAO! Seriously? I send those things all over the country, and EVERYONE loves them. Not one complaint in 10 years. IMO, they're one of the best deals going.

Count me in as a non G&M fan. I work near there and have had them often. They are big but not my thing.

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Actually no...Annapolis definitely went out of business. I think Bowie did as well.

Wow...that was fast. Bowie is definitely still open...just ate at the Smokey Bones there last week and the Jerry's parking lot was packed.

From Jerry's website:

Our 169 West Street Location in Annapolis is CLOSED for business at this time, please continue to check back for information on our next Annapolis location.

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