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Chalk Talk: Defensive Line Play

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Good stuff KDawg!

Maybe you can answer this for me;

I've noticed on some 3rd downs, our D looks to be in full blitz, but the CB's are playing 8 yds off the receivers.

I know i'm not crazy, but i've seen them before, when it was a full press blitz, with CB's dead frontof the receivers, chucking them at the snap, disrupting the timing.

Why do they not do this anymore? it seemed to be pretty successful before...

Simple answer is we don't have faith in the blitz getting there, so we sit in a cover 3 type look with Landry and the two corners covering deep thirds in order to protect against the deep ball. Could be any number of reasons, though.

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Very informative thread KDawg.

My question is simple, but controversial: Will Blache make effective use of Haynesworth's talents and capabilities? And, just as important, will Haynesworth accept a different role in a different defense, than that in which he was allowed to free-lance more often than not, when with the Titans?

Just as Jason Taylor seemed to be an odd fit for Blache's defense last year, will A.H. not "fit" into Blache's schemes this year?

I do not believe that AH will enjoy just clogging up the middle of the field so our LBs can make all the tackles. That may be great for the team, but not great for his individual stats (i.e. sacks).

It seems to me to be an "odd couple" (Blache and Haynesworth). I hope I am wrong.



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I don't know what Blache will do with Haynesworth, but I do know what I would do... Change your scheme to fit him. You always should be willing to adapt aspects of your schemes to suit your players. Coaches that can't do that aren't very good coaches. You can keep a system in place and tweak it enough to make new additions effective.

I think Coach Blache will be just fine, and so will Haynesworth :)

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