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Just picked up the new ESPN Magazine...

Dirk Diggler

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There's a small piece in the football section on page 134.

It's titled "Payback Time" and it focuses on 4 players who were 2002 "flops who need to play up to their pay."

It might interest you who the 4 named were:

Quentin Jammer (agreed), Bryan Thomas (agreed), Ashley Lelie (um, he was a rookie WR who caught 35 balls - disagree), and none other than Patrick Ramsey (He has "accuracy problems") who only completed 46% of his passes in Week 5 and 6.

Funny how they choose to focus on a rook's 2 worst games.

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Well considering Ramsey was never even SUPPOSED to EVER see the field in 2002. Also, you can only call him a flop if anyone predicted he would take us to the playoffs from the point he became a starter anyway.(which NO ONE did). What did this writer do, watch him against the Titans and just figure, every game SHOULD go like that for a rookie who held out and has never had any playtime?

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You know, coming from UF, I am used to a vast anti-Gator conspiracy, but it now occurs to me that perhaps there is something more ominous in the air...

I really couldn't, in my wildest dreams (you know, the ones with Danny Wuerffel lighting up NFL *starters* for 300 yds a game), imagine Ramsey being a flop. I'm shocked. He came out and ran down the Titans, faced the Eagles with aplomb, and won us some games, darn it. Either that blurb slipped by or there's some serious conspiracy at work........ yes............

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