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NY Post (sorta): Shockey loves gays


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August 8, 2003 -- FOXBORO, Mass. - New York Giant superstar Jeremy Shockey yesterday denied making a snide remark about coaching legend Bill Parcells' sexuality.

Shockey is quoted in new week's New York magazine as calling Parcells a "homo."

Parcells, former coach of the Giants and Jets, now "heads" the Dallas Cowboys.

Following the Giants' 26-6 pre-season loss to the Patriots yesterday, the Pro Bowl "tight end" said he did not utter the remark the way it was portrayed.

"I know what I said, and that wasn't it," Shockey said.

"I could care less about his (Bill Parcells) sexual preference. He could be a mextrosexual for all I care. I just comented that he looks kind of...you know.

"Now a lot of people are going to be pissed at me and say I said something else bad, but unlike last time, this time I really didn't say anything at all.

"The guy just probably just wanted to put that in there to make the story better and to make me look bad. I don't hate gays, I love gays. My uncle is gay, I think they're funny. No pun intended."

Shockey got into hot water last year after making disparaging remarks about gays on Howard Stern's show.


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