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TVW: Howard Stern is Fox's first choice to take over for Simon on AI.


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American Idol may have found a new mean judge!

According to the New York Post, show producers are in talks to convince controversy lover Howard Stern to take the job of outgoing judge Simon Cowell.

Stern is FOX’s first choice to take over Cowell’s role, an insider tells the paper. “Idol bosses think he’d be even nastier than Simon,” a source says. “They know he would be great TV and would clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants.”

But a second source says that the top-earning radio personality is having commitment issues, since an Idol deal would involve touring the country for auditions and being in Los Angeles for much of the year.

“Howard isn’t ready to leave radio and would like to stay on at Sirius,” the source says. “We believe this is a ploy to make Sirius pay up and keep him on his huge contract.”

Stern, who makes $100 million a year, has repeatedly said on air that his Sirius XM Radio deal ends next January and he’s considering other offers.


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There is no way that this is going to happen. This would be completely out of Howard's element, and I can not see it working. As the article says, I think it is probably a ploy to get more money out of Sirius.

Simon Cowell is an ass, but he is also a proven evaluator of talent. Stern is just one of those things. :D

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He would bring a spike in ratings for about a week and then it would die down.

Completely disagree. Every week there are different contestants with different looks, personality, talent and with that comes the question "What will Howard say next."

Not to mention the fact that Kara would be completely repulsed by Howard and Randy would constantly say "Oh my God dude."

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People really dont know or understand Howard. if you listen to him now he has toned it down alot but he is a great interviewer.

But that's the thing. I don't like Howard very much, but I also have no doubts that he would do very well in some TV settings, but this is not one of them.

As someone mentioned, a game show or maybe a talk show, but I don't think Idol is the right thing for him.

Whatever, i don't watch it without him, I would not watch it with him. I just think his talent would work better elsewhere.

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