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Hey all,

Just wanted to write a quick post from Middle Tennessee State University.

I am here for the Irene Ryan competition. IT is essentially the Oscar awards for college students. My friend was nominated and he needed a acting partner so he asked me to come out and do this event with him.

We did not get passed on to the semi finals round, which was a bit depressing, but out of 684 students on 32 got passed on to round 2. (16 get passed on for tomorrow and 8 made it to the final round in Washington D.C) Which just means he will have to get a invite next year and hopefully he can learn a bunch from the notes we both received from the judges.

We did have a great time today though, the highlight of the day being a seminar with the Stella Adler school from New York. It was forced us to stretch our imagination and learn how to ask continuous questions to get to the base of the character. We also had a great afternoon workshop on the business of acting after graduation.

I definitely look forward to the next 2 days, though I must admit I do miss the Florida weather a bit.

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