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Skins Cover on Sat?


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Coachy always covered in G-ville (70-80%)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year was a little tough on me b/c I play

Coachy every game!!!!

Right now coachy is giving 2 1/2...Ramsey should

get some points...DW will get some pts (I know

you guys are down on him, but he is a gameday

coachy facilitator!!!!!0...but will RJ score?

How about the 2nd string D, is it stout or

will Carolina be able to score???

Please advise...:high:

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The over/under of 39 may be the safer bet. I would take (and will) the over. We seemed to score well in our first few preseason games last year. We have three QBs with experience that will play almost the whole game and Carolina has Peete and Weinke going against our 2nd and 3rd strings so they may put up some late #s.

No such thing as a sure bet but I would take the over here and stay away from the spread.

Good luck!


(I go through www.betswwts.com if anyone is interested)

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