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Pro Bowl 2010 Pics (some cool Redskins Super Bowl related things included)


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As stupid as it is to host the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, yesterday could not have been more awesome. I've gotten to know Capt Rich and IONTOP pretty well because of this site and our group was a lot of fun. Dave, Rich, HokieSkinsGirl (is that the spelling??), Dad (you guys know who that is, or should I say "Daaaaaad"), Larry, Jon, and Westy - what a kickass day.

The weather was perfect for most of the day and what little rain we got was a mist. There's nothing like being at a game where every team is represented by fans. When I say every team, I mean it. I had a mental checklist and was easily able to complete it. We walked around (completely sober of course) booing every single Cowboy fan that we saw. We went out of our way to boo them. There were some decent fans of theirs there (thank you to the guy who filled my empty Gatorade bottle with Vodka) and there were the typical Cowboys ***** fans. There was some great ribbing between fans and it was an experience I hope every NFL fan can have.

On to the pictures....

Waiting for the lots to open:


Big ass Lombardi greeting you there:


Full of fail autograph tent - McGahee and a bunch of Fins players:


District 9 Porta-Johns:


This year's Lombardi:


Walter Payton Man of the Year Finalists:


Broader view:


Redskins FTW:



The rings (they had them out but pictures were impossible):




What Redskins football is all about:


It was behind all the Super Bowl rings (the case where everyone is gathered):


Larry, Jon, and I:


Our tailgate stood out:


Covering for Dave by taking pictures while he took care of something else:


Stadium pics:



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I wish more of you guys would have come. I never would have believed that a city and organisation could host such a successful event. I am still a buzz at what a good time we had. I've never had such a good time sitting in the rain, laughing and talking and partying in the upper deck mind you. Oh yeah, there was a football game being played too. Many of us have been to an ES tailgate, but yesterday was and NFL tailgate. We even saw a guy in a brows jersey! Watching all the rivalries going at each other in a joking manner was funny as hell. My stomach still hurts. Skn4Lyf should have his voice back by next week. He spared NO Dallas fan any slack at all. We even help the Dolphins fans with the whole J-E-T-S suck suck suck chant.

I am now a firm believer that the Superbowl hosting stadium should be awarded the Pro Bowl. Also, having it before the SB IS a good idea. It was like we were a part of the Super Bowl festivities yesterday. I personally will never be able to go to, but many of us regular people can go to the Pro Bowl if it were on the mainland. If it was in Dallas next year, I guarantee I'd be planning hard to get to it.

All in all one of the best game day experiences I've ever had. Hats off to Miami! They may not have a fan base like us, but they do so much more than we are used to getting it isn't even funny.

Like I said though, you can NOT buy a beer in the stadium. We all moan about the prices at Fed Ex. Ha ha ha. Miami pays alot more than we do, but they make tailgating as easy as possible for every car that comes in there. They even clean up your trash!

Who ever was thinking about going and didn't, you missed one heck of a good time.

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Looks like a blast guys. I knew I should have gone.

I don't like the week before the SB idea, but I love that it will be going to different arenas every year. As a player, I wouldn't like that though.

The way I see it is, it let 75 thousand people experience a little bit of Super Bowl Week when most of us would not be able to go to and be a part of. If it were here again next year I bet it would be sold out.

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Glad you guys had a good time. But no way is it a good idea to have it the week before the Super Bowl. There were ZERO players in the game from the two best teams in the NFL this year. No Peyton Manning. No Reggie Wayne. No Dallas Clark. No Drew Brees. etc

And making those guys fly back down to Miami to be there was the dumbest thing ever.

Then again, the game itself is a joke, anyway. So who really cares, I guess.

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