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Actor Rip Torn arrested for breaking into local bank


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Question: Was Elmore a) trying to make ends meet while waiting for those "MIB" residual checks; B) trying to check "rob a financial institution" off a poorly contrived bucket list; or c) honing up on character research for an upcoming film role as "totally plastered old guy"?


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True Story....

Bank Robbers come in all sizes.

When I was in elementary school here in Fairfax County, We had a police officer called "officer hand" who came to the school every month as a liason officer. I even went to the fairfax county patrol camp down in southern virginia with this guy. Me and like 3 other kids from our school and probable 200 kids from all over Fairfax County.

Anyway.. Some time after I was out of school. Officer Hand was captured passing stolen money up at Tyson's Corner. Turns out Officer Hand was making ends meet by robbing banks in Virgina and had been sucessfully doing so for years. The dude had several sucessful bankroberies under his belt and had more than two decades on the police force.. I think they eventually convicted him of three different bank roberies with a shotgun.

They never caught him robbing a bank. they caught him because he stole sequential bills and those bills would turn up at certain locations from time to time. The FBI staked out Tysons and caught him passing the bills. Went back to his home and found stacks of bills from other hiests.

Evidently bank tellers are told to hand over the cash and get the guy out of the bank as quickly as possible. Hand knew how they were instructed, cause he was one of the guys who instructed them. Hand knew when to strike, how long he had after the alarms, how to deal with the cameras, and how to ellude responding police after the fact. He was a police officer since he was 21, eligible for retirement with 24 years service under his belt and a evidently a professional bank robber too.

True Story.

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Well, he has a history of incidents stemming from being intoxicated. From his Wiki page:

Alcohol-related incidents

In January 2004, Torn was arrested in New York City after his car collided with a taxi. A video of his arrest in which he curses at officers and angrily refuses a breathalyzer test was aired on television news outlets. In October 2004, a jury acquitted Torn of any wrongdoing.[8] In December 2006, Torn was again arrested for drunk driving in North Salem, New York after colliding with a tractor trailer. In April 2007, Torn pleaded guilty and had his drivers license suspended for 90 days and was required to pay a $380 fine.[9]

On December 14, 2008, Torn was again arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. A bartender at the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Connecticut, reportedly served Torn, but apparently noticed he appeared intoxicated as he was leaving the establishment, according to a police report. Torn reportedly refused a ride home and got into his vehicle with a Christmas tree tied on top and drove away. He was convicted and sentenced to probation in May 2009.[10]

Perhaps that's why when I saw this item, I thought "Is that a repeat, or an old thread that's been bumped?" I'm wondering if that mugshot is a recent one or from one of his previous incidents.

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Whole the hell is Rip Torn?

Rip Torn is a very sucessful character actor who had been in about 200 films and TV apperances over the years.

Some of the films he was in you might have seen...

  • Bee Movie 2007.
  • Marie Antwanette 2006.
  • Dodgeball 2004
  • Men in Black II... Agent Zed 2000
  • The almost perfect bank robery 1997
  • Men in Black 1997
  • Comma
  • The Cinncinatti Kid
  • Naked City 1960
  • Pork Chop Hill 1957

I remember Siskel and Ebert loved the guy......

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