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RB's this weekend


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So, I saw and read that Kenny Watson practiced yesterday and looked very good.

With their injuries........I'm going on the Record saying that unless we trade one of our RB's or another team along with a pick for a DT.....we are keeping all 4 this year.

anyways, I think we see Trung for about 10-15 plays.

Then Kenny till the half.

Then whoever.......maybe they will let Chad get some work in against the scrubs.

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Morton isn't going to see that much action at RB. The guy is 5'9 and 180 and has a dinged shoulder.

The investment in him is based on what he can do for us as a returner, what he can deliver as a change of pace back during the season is gravy :)

But you won't see Spurrier and the staff give him that many carries from scrimmage in the preseason.

My guess is you will see him get 3-4 carries Saturday and the chance to make 2 or 3 receptions.

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