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When do you think racism will end?


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Racism will end when governments stop making laws that allow you to be racist. Most of the so-called civil rights laws either allow one to be racist and still competitive, allow you to blame your own inferiority on "reverse-racism", help put the less competent in more highly visible positions and often put an asterisk next to the name of the superior performers who are the beneficiaries of that law.

Name a law that does this, please.

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In this country it will never end. I think we all have preferences about who we associate with, and what we part take in. However we point at white people and say...."there is th bad guy". But people in your own race will discriminate against you if you don't fit into their idea of how thigs shoud be. So in part until people become more enlightened with their own short comings it will never end.

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I'd be interested in what other nations in the world are more racially heterogeneous than the US? And handle it better?
Australia and Canada are pretty similar to the US - countries where there is little to no indigenous population and the dominant culture was brought in from outside are hard-wired to deal with different cultures.
Perhaps there exists such a place, but I'm not aware of it.
Australia and Canada might have it better because they do not have the same legacy of slavery ... but they are also not as diverse in America.

I think most places where racism doesn't seem to exist are racially homogeneous and it's often accepted that their race is superior.Racism exists everywhere ... outsiders sometimes have a hard time seeing it because they don't understand the culture. Everyone treats the white businessman well ...

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I think that the way you utilize liberals is a form of prejudice and blind stereotyping very similar to racism. Although, I do think that you do so somewhat for effect and with a wink like I was doing in today's Reid thread.

Still, hatred of the "other" is rarely a good thing.

Pointing out facts by a group or their idealogy is not a form of prejudice. Yet I don't see you calling out people accusing conservatives of being bigots or smearing Palin because of different beliefs.

Liberals do display mock outrage when its not one of their own and yet can get away with racial putdowns when the minority isn't seen as being on board with their team goals, conservative or not liberal enough.

There are demographics representing asians, spanish, blacks and white that prefer and push for racial purity among their demographic to the point of shunning or getting violent with those who don't.

There are minorities and representatives of those minorities who shut others up or attempt to remove them from the public stage with the use of the race card because of political, agenda driven differences.

So when all of those forces including true bigots are significantly reduced there is the potential for us to see a color blind society except during Navy v Army and Redskins v Cowpokes.

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Pointing out facts by a group or their idealogy is not a form of prejudice.

Hmmm... for a conservative you use the term facts awful liberally

Yet I don't see you calling out people accusing conservatives of being bigots or smearing Palin because of different beliefs.


I do at times, but it's a fair point. We're often deaf to the wrongness of people who speak things we agree with. Although, I've repeatedly called Reid dumb this week.

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Here this'll help :silly:


Reid adds 'skin lightening therapy' to health reform bill

By: Scott Ott

Examiner Columnist

January 12, 2010

News fairly unbalanced. We report. You decipher.

Sen. Harry Reid, in an effort to increase the popularity of the imperiled health care reform bill, on Monday added a provision requiring insurance companies to pay 100 percent of the cost of treatments intended to lighten the skin of African-Americans.

The news came a day after the revelation that in 2008 Reid had said Sen. Barack Obama's presidential chances were good thanks to his relatively pale pigment and lack of "Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

"It's not fair that the path to the Oval Office is blocked for my darker-hued friends," Reid said Monday. "Skin-lightening therapy will open the corridors of power to a new generation of African-American leaders. And thanks to my amendment, this treatment will be free at last."

Reid said lighter skin and a "more blanco dialect" provides Democrat politicians greater chances of election in a party with "a long history of working to give African-Americans all of the privileges I have enjoyed as a pale, pink-skinned candidate."

President Obama released a statement praising Reid for "his sensitivity toward those born with mahogany, mocha and walnut skin, through no fault of their own.":hysterical:

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Majority of people feel most comfortable around people that look like them. Until we all look the same, racism will never die. By the time realisticly all the races would be blended, "in theory", some will already start leaving earth and spreading out even more. Hate to say this, but I don't believe there will be a day where we truely are one race, one color. In America, the blending is everywhere you look. In other countries, its not uncommon for citizens to have never seen a black person before in the flesh.

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The entire world will one day look like Brazil.

Which is a damn cool concept.

Until that point' date=' you cannot "eradicate" racism, because racism is inherent in Western World. It's one of the main reasons that the Western World is what it is. The US is not the US without slavery, The Indian Wars, Jim Crow, exploitation of South American resources, etc. The Great Britain is not Great Britain without the slave trade, India, the Opium Wars, etc. If you live in the Western World and you in any way benefit from it, you owe part of your lifestyle to centuries of murder, forced labor, and exploitation.

It just is. It would be like attempting to eradicate oxygen.[/quote']

The genetics doesn't quite work like that. You are always going to get variations. Two individuals of "mixed" descent can have children that tend toward fairer or darker skin.

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I dont think it will ever end..Im white and my GF is black and when we walk around together holding hands or when I have my arm around her or whatever, alot of people look at us like what are they doing together? Mostly its older woman but I find it funny that people cant accept that different races can be together..Oh well, **** em.:D

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