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PFT: LT Creates One of the Cheesiest Videos Ever

Sweet Sassy Molassy

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:hysterical: Holy crap, this is awesome!


L.T. creates one of the cheesiest videos ever

Posted by Mike Florio on January 11, 2010 8:22 PM ET

Several of you have forwarded the link to a video from Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

Words simply can't do the thing justice. So we'll just paste it below.

Watch it. Enjoy it. Comment on it.

After, of course, overcoming that case of speechlessness.

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Is it possible he has a sense of humor and did this to be funny?

That's what I'm thinking... or is that what I'm hoping?

All I know is, I'll now forever remember to wave to my Mama. Because she's in the stands, you know?

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LT dancing toward showdown with Jets


By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer

Monday, January 11, 2010 at 5:10 p.m.

/ AP

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Chargers watched video Monday of Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis and ... LaDainian Tomlinson?

Even as they checked out what the New York Jets do best, the red-hot Chargers had more than a few laughs watching a Nike commercial featuring Tomlinson dancing around in a white suit and rapping about his moves on the football field.

Called "L.T. Style Electric Glide," the video was shot during the summer of 2007 and released on YouTube.com during the weekend.

His teammates watched it out on their cell phones in the locker room, providing plenty of levity for a team that has won 11 straight games and will host the Jets on Sunday in the divisional round.

"They've killed me all day. All day I've been getting it," Tomlinson said.

And why not?

The video starts out with Tomlinson turning on a boom box and saying, "What it do? My name's L.T., I've got a new dance for you all."

He raps about waving to his mom, saying hi to his wife, reading the defense, catching the pass, throwing the ball, about safeties not being able to see him "because I move my hips, toward another six."

If the Chargers need an updated theme song on the road to Miami to replace their dated disco smash, "San Diego Super Chargers," this might be it.

Two minutes and 14 seconds worth of a dancing, rapping L.T. ends like this:

"Stiff arm the guys, hit that hole.

"Let's see a touchdown dance. Celebrate.

"Now challenge that call. You don't like that call.

"Pick up the blitz. Here comes the blitz. Take a knee. Another victory."

It's certainly not "The Super Bowl Shuffle," but there's potential for more.

"My teammates and I might do a remix on it," Tomlinson said with a laugh.

"It was entertaining," quarterback Philip Rivers said. "He's taken a good jabbing for it all morning."

"I'm jealous, man," said outside linebacker Shawne Merriman, who has a spasmodic "Lights Out" sack dance. "I thought that was pretty cool to do that. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm going to find a way to top that."

Tomlinson, a nine-year veteran who could be in his final weeks with the Chargers, said it was Nike's decision to release the video now.

Tomlinson, the NFL's MVP in 2006, said he was happy with the video.

"I knew I could pop a couple of moves," he said.

"That's the side that a lot of my friends and family see, that I grew up with, because I'm more serious a lot of times with football stuff," he said.

"So people don't get to see that part. But it was kind of a glimpse to the fans of my other side, of what I'm like around my friends and family."

Tomlinson, who almost was a salary-cap casualty last offseason, said there's no "Dancing With the Stars" in his future.

"I believe I can do it but it's really not my style. Plus, LaTorsha ain't having me dance with the women with the short skirts," he said, referring to his wife.

Tomlinson knows it's going to be a pretty good Jets team he's going to try to dance around and through on Sunday.

The Jets' defense was ranked No. 1 in the NFL during the regular season, as was New York's rushing game.

"I think they're the best defense we're going to play," Tomlinson said.

"They do a lot of things well. But they've got the winning formula. They run the ball well and they play good defense. You look at teams throughout history that have done well, those are the teams that had that winning formula.

"They know what they want to do, they know their assignments, they don't mess up, they're not out of position a lot of times. They play hard."

Tomlinson missed two games this season with a sprained ankle and had a career-low 730 yards, but has been particularly effective inside the 20-yard-line and has scored 12 touchdowns.

Rivers, a Pro Bowler, agreed with Tomlinson about how good the Jets' defense is.

"It's going to be a lot of good vs. good out there," he said.

The Associated Press

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