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[SOCCER] The insanity of Milanese commentators


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Haha, this was a great video! In contrast I once heard Alexi Lalas say "This is awesome" like a douchebag during an awkward silence

Sneijder!!! Sneijder!!!!!!!!!!!

lol yeah.. too bad when ESPN covers the US for the World Cup, we are going to get some bland commentators... we need some commentators that will wear their national pride on their sleeves! The whole point of covering the World Cup isnt to be objective but its to be fanatically subjective toward your own country. haha

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Soccer coverage is the best... well everywhere but the US that is. American sports commentary and analysis tends to have a giant stick up it's butt. Case in point: Joe Buck's reaction to Randy Moss' faux mooning to Packer's fans and their reaction to streakers. As if pro sports an executive meeting.

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