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12th Man Incentive-Front Office Take note


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I have an Idea that makes that 12th man/women be accountable for their performance on game day. This is only for those who are +21 age and enjoy gamesuds. The below formula is thinking outside the box although from friends I talked to think its a good idea.

The current Fedex beer price at Fedex on game day is $8 per.

For all " HOME GAMES" the following formula would apply.

Begin Home season at Fedex selling beer at normal price per.

Use below formula to adjust price through Season Home games.

Use the actions and performance of Redskins 12th man/woman along with Teams performance to adjust beer price for following home game as follows:

Variable #1+variable#2+variable#3 = final adjusted beer price for following home game and throughout that game to end of 3rd quarter as currently done at Fedex. In other words previous game final equation determines this games beer price.

Variable#1- sum of all team touchdowns at end of game = 50% of formula

variable#2-sound decibal/vibration measurements recorded on regular basis through game by the stadium staff and averaged out per quarter to give the final denominator/numerator per quarter and using pregame sound readings as a baseline for decibal/vibration readings and take each quarters decibal/vibration sum and compound average = 35% of formula

variable#3- highest 15second "Peak" sound/vibration decibal reading at any time during entire gameday function and displayed on Fedex fields bigscreen through game = 15% of formula

then just add up all three variables to come up with a percentage deduction (discount) to be applied to following home games beer price for entire day down to a minimum beer price such as $3 to $5 dollars to protect from loss if the 12th man really get's wild and crazy over their Skins (sound decibal/vibration). each game final formula result will determine following gameday beer price.

This would be kind of fun to give fans incentive this season at home.:evilg:


Not really sure where I should have posted this so moderators please move if it is not for the 'stadium" forum

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The only problem with that is, obviously the public outcry of "do intoxicated fans cheer louder"... Also the whole thing about encouraging drinking when a lot will be stepping behind the wheel...

Might work for HoF Store though... Discounts after a win?

I think that if they do this discount theory, fans might react in a way that resembles: "So he's obviously making a HUGE amount of money if he can afford to set concessions $3 lower than they are"

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