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An Ode to Change - Another Offseason Haiku Thread


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Twas a dark chilly angry night

nothing promising at all in sight

up from the seats they rose and fled

no more of this crap - I'm going to bed

Bad X's Bad O's all is Bad-Bad-Bad

At least as I dream my skins aren't sad

up from the slumber I rise and wonder

what was done that skins fans thunder

Dan swung that axe that bleeds so wet

hungry for those wins we haven't seen yet

In comes the man whose future yet holds

Shann'O stomps in fierce and bold.

what will be done now with awe and wonder

with these plans that bring on this thunder

Good X's and good O's are here again

My Hops My Barley where have you been

I sit down now watching with hope

Don't be stupid and make my skins choke

Oh well...what do you expect from a seabee with too much time on his hands.

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