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LAST YEAR OF CONTRACT: Club Level 2010 Season Tickets FOR SALE


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2010 is the last year on my Club Level Season Ticket Contract. I at least would like to sell most of the season to help pay my tickets off....but I am willing to offer the whole season with the signing of the contract over to you....before I get into where these great seats are...the biggest and best part of this deal is this...The contract has 2010 as the last year on the Club, and then the seats move to an adjacent Lower Level pair of seats that you will work with the ticket office to pick per availability. This is a great way to move right to the Lower bowl without sitting in the Uppers for years.

The current seats are in section 303, row 18 (under over hang for weather games), Seats 1 & 2 (closest to 302). These are great seats right by bathrooms, restaurants/food stands, and the exit escalators. Please let me know of interest in any individual games, or mainly anybody wanting more information on taking over the contract for the last year...willing to negotiate me putting a little down this year to get rid of them. Thanks!


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Three days off.

Please Do Not Hijack Upstanding Advertisements

Some of you may happen to be aware of a great ticket deal available elsewhere. That's great! But please do not use that knowledge to corrupt a fellow member's advertisement. If you'd like to share your knowledge with the membership, start an independent thread of your own. While it has been the long-standing opinion among most of the membership that a seller should not use the free advertising this forum offers to profit at the expense of his fellow member, sellers are not obligated to provide the best ticket deal on the planet. It is unreasonable and inappropriate for a member to post info in another member's ad which may steer buyers away from the item offered.

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