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Tulane Vs. Central Florida from 2001 on Sunshine Network


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Originally posted by chiefhogskin48

He threw a lot of INTs in college, and he is prone to do the same thing in the NFL. That is the only thing that worries me.

He threw 24 his first year, then threw 14-13 the next 2 years while keeping his TD total high. I'm not too worried.

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I watched that game twice last season and the one thing that stuck out the most is how horrible Tulane's line was. I can assure you that UCF is far from being a powerhouse in the defensive front and yet Ramsey almost never had any time.

What impressed me most about Ramsey in paticular was the arm of course. He didn't get to throw deep too many times, but those 12-18 yard passes are almost like handoffs they get there so quick.

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As a charter member of the GreenWaveSkins, PLEASE PLEASE do not judge Tulane's football program by the 2001 season.

It was an unmitigated disaster with the loss of key offensive lineman and the worst defensive coordinator in the history of football.

Watching that game was very painful for me.

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