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What is your favorite commercial?

Bubble Screen

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Inspired by skinsfan07's taco bell thread, I wanted to see what everyone's favorite commerical is. Lots of great old ones. But im talking about current ones.

Not sure if its my fav or not, but I like the Bud Light one. The "Too Light", "Too Heavy" one, where the guy arrives at the outdoor party with his monster truck. "Heeey every-bod-y".

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The new Miller Lite commercial with the monster truck is hilarious,, and the one with the paintball is great too.

I also like the insurance commercial with the two guys tailgating, and the one has a ventriloquist dummy.

Maybe i'm crazy, but the Ipod Video commercial with the people singing that song into the vid screen

"I got a feeling that i don't belong..."

I don't know why, but i watch it every time. Catchy tune, bright colors, attractive people, very bouncy, I think it works.

Commercial I HATE: Allstate telling us how great we've been in this recession,, how we've all learned what's important, etc.

Like hell.


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