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What was your favorite moment of the 2009 season?


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Well its slim pickins... The Moment we Cut Suisham was pretty gratifying for me... I've always hated that guy... Vinny getting canned, The Allen/Shanny hiring...

I'm assuming we're talking on feild play, where its even slimmer... but the Hunter Smith TD pass against Denver is probaboly the only thing I'll really remember fondly from this season.

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Free tickets to the Dec 21 Giants game; $0.

Gray Parking lot that was upgraded to Orange because of the snow; $15

Not buying concessions or merchandise; $0.

Watching the Swinging Gate fake live after showing the play before the NYG timeout? Priceless. (After the loss in Detroit, I stopped taking this team seriously.)

Another highlight was meeting Doug Williams in a Tampa restaurant during lunch on the day Vinny was fired and Bruce was hired.

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my favorite moment was when we finally give up the winning TD to San Diego in the waining minutes of week 17 and avoiding giving up a few draft positions. Then I knew the season was FINALLY over. The 2009 season couldn't end soon enough for me...

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