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80's/MTV musicians you hate to admit that you liked

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I really hate to admit I like Adam Ant. My mother listened to him incessantly when I was a kid, so I hated the music for years. Now I have to admit I like it.

One that's lesser known that I've never been shy to express my affection for is The Vapors. Wall of Voodoo and Oingo Boingo also come to mind.

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Ah, the 80s. I probably liked a ton of them that I don't even remember. Don't hestitate to admit most like Nu Shooz, Art of Noise, Men at Work, Bananarama, Dead or Alive though. Those types were actually good.

I guess I'd be most embarassed about Falco, Wang Chun, Twisted Sister, Flock of Seagulls, Thompson Twins.

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Wow, good question.. Lets see here..

Duran Duran

Culture Club

Lionel Ritchie


Rick Springfield

thinking about it, alot of the music was really good, but the image the bands put out didn't stand the test of time to well.

I wouldn't put Lionel Richie on this type of list. He was actually very well known as a member of the Commadores in the 70's and I consider him a legend. Duran Duran is a push also.

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concur with men at work- they were money.

glad to see that liking duran duran doesnt make me a closet homo after all :)

maybe i mumbled along to a wham song or 2.

loved big country 'in a big country' but they werent really fruity or anything.

frankie goes to hollywood- relax.

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I remember the rise and fall of Glass Tiger near the end they were trying to play my high school and could not sell enough tickets so they ass mosre schools then finally it went to an open concert in an attempt to get enough people.

That is sad. From selling out arenas to "trying" to play high schools.

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Another 80's singer that was very good was Joe Jackson.

I LOVE Joe Jackson. Very good songwriter. If you can find it, check out "Big World".. a great album. I think the record company dropped it from it's catalog in the 90s so it's been out of print since then.

Joe had quite a range,, not someone I'd ever consider in the same vein as some of these other embarrassments being discussed.


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