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WPL: Brian Mitchell interviewed for Southern University?


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Per Washington Post Live, Friday 1/8 [RECAP]

Ivan Carter: You interviewed for the position didn't you?

BMitch: Yes, I did....I spoke to those in charge of interviewing.

Ivan Carter: What did you say?

BMitch: "Shakes his head", I was very flattered by this position, but at this point in my life..uh.......(nervous twitch.....then glare at Carter)

Ivan Carter: Do you have any interest in coaching?

BMitch: Distant stare..I'd have to get used to working from 7 AM to 10 PM, I can't even do Washington Post Live (laughter)



Correction: The interview was for Southern University.

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Well, I'd love for our RBs to move like he did, especially our return men, but who knows if he'd be a decent coach. Nothing really even to discuss here, no one knows how he'd do because he's never been in any coaching position, he's played, but that's all we got.

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It's funny how Mitch talks all the time about players giving it 110% yet he doesn't care about putting in the time needed to be a coach? Seems a bit of a contradiction compared to his personality.

How so? He doesn't want to be a coach because of that fact. If he wanted to be a coach and didn't want to put in the hours then yea, that's a contradiction.

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Shanny said he was going to hire the best coaching staff he could over the next couple of weeks. Hiring a radio guy is not the best RB coach that anyone could hire. Actually we have a very good RB coach on the current staff, Sherman Smith was the RB coach at Tennessee before he became our OC. If he would take a demotion in name only, because I am sure Dan would pay him the same as he does right now. He is a very good RB coach, just not an OC.

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Then why did he interview?

I am not positive he actually interviewed for the job, on csn it seemed like he was saying more that they were interested in him and he spoke with what he said was "the head guy", but it did not seem like a formal interview took place from what he was saying.

Either way he harps on players for not giving 110% because he was already a player and feels like he did that his whole career. So he is allowed to say the things he did, because he was already there. If he took a coaching job and then did not give it his all then you could make more of an argument. I dont always agree with what he says, but I think he has a right to say it and turn down a coaching jobs without looking like a hypocrite.

Again, since people are not reading the whole thread, this is not for a redskins position.

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How so? He just tells it like it is. I love listening to B Mitch.

Only when it suits him.

When his bff Sellers was stinking it up on the field did he say anything about that?? :no: How about Sellers not being at OTA' s because he was holding out for more $$ after 1 pro-bowl apperance.Not to mention the fact that he already had signed an extension a year or so before. Did the media make a big to do about that??? Haynesworth and Portis were at OTA's though.

He tells it like it is my ass. He has his own agenda just like LaVar.

I did hear his constant rants about Vinny Cerrato,Clinton Portis,ARE and a few others. :chair: He lacks the ability to be objective because he"s so damn bitter.

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