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This Picture is better than...


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I have got to tell you this picture...


Gives me a TON more hope than this picture EVER DID...


And that is why this hire is so important to me guys. Hope(we finally have it)

Just look at the difference on these two faces One says "I'm here to work and instil discipline and bring focus"

The other says "Well GOSH Mr Snyder I am just so lucky to have been in this situation"

The difference is night and day...I for one could not be happier to see a coach who in his 1st press conference says things like "this team will be disciplined, I can tell you that" Instead of things like "Maroon, Black and Yellow"

Take a look at the two pics feel free to caption either or both, but more importantly what do you see as a difference in these two?


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Agree OP, can't wait to see how this plays out. When Zorn came in I had to sit here and hope that my gut was wrong when it was screaming to me "Oh **** were totally screwed, this guy has no idea what he's doing" but my reaction to Shanny continues to be "hell yea, we went back to the Marty days. We have a proven winner who just needs time to turn this around. We are going to be good again" My prediction is in the next couple of years we win the NFC East, we haven't done that in a decade. Bring on the season

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He's prolly got a video screen in the ceiling of his tanning bed for watching game tape!

haha.. dude, that sig pic is funny as hell. Nice!

edit: lets not hate on Zorn too much. I think we all realize that he had alot of odds against him. He's an ex Redskin coach & will forever be in the books.

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