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Mark me down for "anyone but Blache."

I want a DC who is an *****hat. Someone who'll kick the players in the rear, doesn't take any crap, and makes our defense into a monster I know it can and should be.

Oh, and doesn't play our CBs at 10-12 yards off the line of scrimmage on every play.

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I'm inclined to believe that all of these coaches ('cept 'Blanche') would be pretty excited to work with Shanahan. He'll basically have his pick of the lot. Assistant coaches won't be turning up their noses at this team for awhile.

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Zimmer is the favorite but Haslett wouldn't be a bad choice either. Greg Blatche has had his chance to prove that he can produce a dominating defense even though they his defenses have been in the top 10. Statistics are good but if they don't produce wins they are just numbers. So anyone of the three mentioned would be fine with me but Blatche would be the last of the three. As for Jerry Gray he hasn't ever been a DC that I know of and has been strictly a CB coach so that leaves him out in my opinion.

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Zimmer....NOOOOOOOOOOOO Blache.......

Zimmer would be a great choice!

Greg Blache, lately, has become quite a prima donna - too stubborn, not playing players to their strength, not playing rookies, no productive blitz packages, etc...

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