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Examiner: BREAKING NEWS: January 10th is national 'No Pants Day'


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BREAKING NEWS: January 10th is national 'No Pants Day', and you're invited to join the festivities

You may have never heard of "Improv Everywhere", but it's about time you did. The NYC-based group/army stages large-scale acts of silliness in their home city, and have managed to kickstart something that's come to be known as "No Pants Day".



One event that Improv Everywhere has pulled off for years is "No Pants Day", which started with a little under 100 people riding New York's train system sans pants. The following year, twice the amount of people showed up. By the third year, schedules and detailed breakdowns for who'd ride what train became necessary. The trend has spread across the world, with "No Pants Day" being recognized and celebrated as far away as Amersterdam and Australia. Here, check out footage from last year's "No Pants Day" in NYC:

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