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OT: Another Vick At Vatech....


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Big East preview: Another Vick in the offering at Virginia Tech

August 5, 2003 Print it

Scouts' views | Breakout players

Bryan Randall says he's the starting quarterback at Virginia Tech. His coach, Frank Beamer, says it too. There's just one nagging problem: A freshman named Vick isn't buying it.

"I want it bad," Marcus Vick says.

And that's enough to shake everything sideways. Maybe it would be different if his name weren't Vick, if he were just another antsy redshirt freshman detoxing from sitting and watching his first year drag by and talking faster than he's thinking.

But this is Marcus Vick, brother of Michael Vick, who just happened to reinvent the position in two seasons with the Hokies. This is Marcus Vick, who, despite not having played a down of college football, already is legendary in Blacksburg, the small southwestern Virginia town his brother mapped a few years ago.

"They're brothers," Randall says. "It's only natural when you see the type of player Marcus is, you wonder. A Vick is a Vick, you know?"

Maybe that's why Beamer dances around the inevitable when speaking of his two quarterbacks. He insists there will be no controversy, yet follows that by saying Randall will have to bust his tail to hold off Vick every week of the season.

Randall played well last season; he did, however, have problems with turnovers (11 interceptions, eight lost fumbles), leading many to believe that Vick would overtake him during spring practice.

Vick played magnificently in the 15 practices. But instead of falling away, Randall performed flawlessly (he committed no turnovers during scrimmages or seven-on-seven drills), strengthened his hold on the position and was the clear starter going into fall camp.

But there are those Vick-esque signs that continue to breathe life into the controversy: a 35-yard darting, blazing scramble for a touchdown in a spring scrimmage and two perfectly thrown deep balls in the spring game that were dropped by wideout Richard Johnson.

Again, Vick never has played in a game, and for all anyone knows, he'll play differently when the game jerseys are on. Tech knows what it has in Randall: an athletic, dual-threat quarterback who completed nearly 64 percent of his passes last season and twice ran for more than 100 yards in a game. Sure, he struggled some in the big games, but so did the entire team.

Vick is the unknown, but every time he flicks that wrist and the ball floats effortlessly, and every time he jump-steps when scrambling and hits another gear, he reminds everyone of the guy you couldn't keep your eyes off for those two seasons in Blacksburg. If he is as good as his brother, how can Tech waste that dynamic ability on the bench?

"If they've got someone better than Randall," says Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni, "God help us all."

Any way you look at it, Tech has a quarterback controversy.

"I want to play," Vick says. "Who knows what will happen, but I'll be ready."

PS: I lived in Blacksburg for 8 years and know the High School coach there on a casual basis.....he told me that Marcus was better than Michael overall....;)

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Originally posted by codeorama

I saw Marcus and Mike play in HS often and Marcus was tremendously better in HS than Mike was. Mike never even made all district.

I heard Marcus was the better pure QB and now he is getting the muscle that his bro has. I can't wait to watch these two play against each other in the NFL :)

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I saw Marcus in the the Spring game, and everything that's been said and written about him is true. He's a much better QB than Michael was at this point, he's got faster straight-line speed than Michael, (what the hell was their momma eating when she had them?), but he doesn't have the elusiveness that his older brother does. That being said, I don't blame Beamer for giving the starting nod to Randall, he's a more proven commodity, but, I don't see him hanging on to the starting job after the fourth game, Vick will be in there by October.

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