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Can we please stop talking about Shanny's recent playoff record!!!!


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The man made it to the AFC Title game a few years back with JAKE PLUMMER as his QB. JAKE PLUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be fair he also had to play Indy, NE, and Pittsburgh most of the times he made the playoffs and they were better teams.

If we were to play in an NFC title game in a few years I think everyone here would be pretty happy about that. Heck if he took us to the playoffs most here would be thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Washington Coach Shanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I noticed some other things.

He lost in 2000 to the best defense in 20 years in the NFL.

He lost twice in a row to two very good Indy teams.

He lost in 1996 to a Cinderella Jacksonville team.

Not making excuses, but I think if you look, the Broncos would have 3 or 4 great years followed by a couple of 8-8 or 9-7 years. The important fact is that they would then go on a 3 year stretch of winning.

His record looks great. Plus, lets make it to the playoffs then we can talk about it.

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I'm happy with the signing. I was thinking about this today as well, the AFC is/was so much better than the NFC, Shanny's Denver team those 3 years probably would have ran all over the best the NFC had to offer.

It's not like him not winning a playoff game was due to slack teams. I'm excited he's our new head coach. I just hope Snyder stays back like he says he will and lets him and Bruce build a team over the next 2-5 years.

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