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RI: Joe Theismann, Gibbs, on Mike Shanahan, Redskins


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A pair of Redskins icons both say that if Mike Shanahan is the team's next head coach, they hope it brings about change that extends beyond who simply who wears a headset on the sidelines.

"I think his challenge will be changing the culture that has now seeped into what the Washington Redskins have become. And I think he's going to be capable of doing that," said former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann.

Theismann and former Redskins' coach Joe Gibbs will be working NBC's playoff game between the Jets and Bengals this weekend, and both were made available today. They had plenty to say about the playoffs, but their thoughts on Shanahan -- and they were both positive and optimistic -- is what we care about.

"I think they're reorganizing things," Gibbs said. "I think as a Redskin fan, we're all hoping that this will be over with, that the redskins will return to being a real solid contender every year in what I think is one of the toughest divisions."

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Yes the culture needs to change before anything. Gibbs 2.0 helped it but no one could have imagine how busted this thing was before he came back. I personally don't care who goes and who stays. The Redskins lost to the worst team of all time and finished behind the Browns. This team needs a foundation.

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From the506.com

Post Season

Wild Card Weekend, 2009

Saturday 1/9:

Jets-Bengals, 4:30, NBC. Tom Hammond, Joe Theismann, Joe Gibbs, Tiki Barber

Eagles-Cowboys, 8:00, NBC. Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Andrea Kremer

Sunday 1/10:

Ravens-Patriots, 1:00, CBS. Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

Packers-Cardinals, 4:40, Fox. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver

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"This next coach -- and if it is Mike Shanahan, he is a similar type of individual as coach Gibbs. They're demanding to the point where they want you to be the best that you can be. They're going to do everything they can to support you, but they're not going to tolerate your ineffectiveness as an individual to try and get the job done. That has been somewhat of a tolerant situation over the last couple of years."
Maybe I'm bias (well, I know I am but I lose less credibility if I say "maybe") because I like Zorn. I thought that he worked his tail off. However, I'm not so shortsighted to see that he was a bad head coach.

He had a few problems that were very big. One, he wasn't ready to be a head coach. This was evident in his handling of players and his game management (obvious play calls, wasting time outs for stupid trick plays, etc).

However, the second problem wasn't really Zorn's fault. Snyder crushed any power Zorn had after hiring a play-caller in Sherm Lewis.

=I'm pretty sure that when Zorn was hired, we all knew he'd be a puppet. We all blame Snyder and Cerrato for all of the offseason acquisitions. Wouldn't it be nice for the HC to get who HE wants?

=Also, some players should've been benched. Portis (pre-injury), Moss (giving up on plays, dropping a lot of passes, etc), Landry (...), possibly Haynesworth (if he really did try to create a mutiny), etc. But why weren't they? I think there are a few possible scenarios. Zorn thought they gave him the best chance of winning, Snyder said to play them, Zorn didn't want to stir the pot with his job in jeopardy.

So, the second problem is what I find distasteful in what I quoted. Leadership goes from the top, down. The top is NOT the head coach. The top isn't even the GM or the executive president. The top is the owner. If the owner doesn't hire the right GM (Vinny) and they don't allow the HC to apply his environment, his hands are tied. And then when you neuter the guy on top of that, he's purely handicap. At this point, Zorn's not an ordinary puppet... he's a sock puppet. Worst of all, everyone knows this, including the players. How is he supposed to command his team when they all know that he doesn't have the authority to get rid of them (and possibly can't even bench certain players). Bah...

Shanahan will come in with absolute power (similar to Gibbs). Something will get done and things will probably get better. Zorn, no doubt, wasn't a good head coach. However, it wasn't all on him.

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Loved when Joe T called games on Sunday night. He was such a homer. I remember at one point in 2003, I think it was the game T Hass was starting, he threw a desperation pass to Bryan Johnson that was miraculously caught for like a 20 yard gain. It was called back because of a hold. Mike Patrick of course said with that loud voice "a hold on the Redskins" then Joe blurts out "ahhhh, come on guys, ugh". LOL I'm wondering if was reprimanded for that.

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