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August 5th afternoon practice thoughts from me


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August 5th, 2003

I took the three and a half hour ride from central jersey in the pouring rain to arrive at sunny Redskins Park for my first training camp and here are some quick thoughts …

Due to the number of injuries and high humidity the team took it pretty easy with only an hour and a half of work which seems like it was a good call. Just sitting there I sweat right through my shirt. Shorts and no shoulder pads (though I second guessed myself a few times with the size of some of the players shoulders!) was the apparel on the field. Half the receivers and running backs seemed to be out of action so I spent most of my time concentrating on the QBs. 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills were run quite a bit. Ramsey got about 60% of the snaps and looked good overall but the defense was stacked with mostly non-starters in the secondary. It takes about two plays to realize he is by far the best QB on the roster. He threw a couple of errant passes but nothing to get too worried about. Footwork looked much improved over last year. I have seen enough to say confidently that at the very least Ramsey will be a good, serviceable QB for us this season. In turn, with the players he has around him, this offense is gonna put up plenty of points. Rob Johnson is awful! Holds onto the ball too long only to dump it off to running backs that have nowhere to go. Later in practice he got tired of doing that so he aired it out and almost had it picked several times. I believe he threw the pass that was right into the hands of Armstead which he promptly dropped. I guess that’s why he plays defense :) . Another time the ball was batted away by two defenders who were right on top of the receiver. One long pass he attempted was wobbily and had no velocity and was about 10 yards off target. Another play he didn’t react at all to pressure coming from the Jansen’s side of the line. If it was a real game he would have been sacked instead of simply taking a step to the left and throwing. He made a couple of good throws but if you throw a potential pick for every decent pass, then you suck. Wuerffel got in some reps too and the lack of velocity was quite obvious after watching Ramsey. With that being said, he feathered two nice sideline over-the-receiver’s-shoulder throws. I have no problem with him being our #2 QB. Just get rid of Johnson he’s a waste of a roster spot! If Ramsey and Wuerffel get hurt the forfeit the game cuz this guy isn’t gonna win anything behind center for us. The other QB on the roster (sorry can’t think of the name right now) got maybe 2 reps in.

For our receivers, Coles caught a number of short to mid range passes and looked good – nobody seems too worried about him being able to produce. Rod Gardner was the recipient of a perfect 40 yard TD strike right down the middle of the field from Ramsey. Expect to see this replayed many times this year when it counts. #15 (Sean Dillard) and #83 (Richmond Flowers) caught a number of balls but again this was against mostly backup defenders and really I don’t see room for them on the regular season roster.

Running backs didn’t get a lot of work. Trung and Morton got a few hand offs along with a potpourri of other guys that most likely won’t make the roster.

The Defense couldn’t hit so not much for me to dissect here.

If I think of anything else to add I’ll make another post. Cheers.


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