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MNF Da Bears vs the FarVikings, official thread


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really? do you pay attention to football

you cant trade 2 #1s and other picks for a young guy just to have him walk 2 years later...it sets your organization back

I pay attention a bit, but it's a known fact that Lovie isn't great on QB's. I'm actually glad we didn't end up giving the picks for him.

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This game is huge for Eagles fans. If the Vikings lose and the Eagles beat Dallas next week, they get the 2 seed. Amazing with one week left the Eagles could be the 2 or the 6 still.

Philly vs. Dallas

NYG vs. Minnesota

Green Bay vs. Arizona

Vikes lose, then Week 17 is going to be fun.

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For talent and arm? Top 5.

For decision making? 20.

Although he is forced to try to make things happen on this crap team right now.

Get him a Percy Harvin type this offseason, and he will be good to go.

Yep, that sounds about right. When it comes to pure physical talent his only competition might be Roethlisberger with Romo sits to pee coming in at third Unless you count Vick, and I don't because he's not a starter.

He'll look good with good recievers, a good o-line, and weak competition. He had all of these things in the West and none of them in the North.

Of course, the fact that he hasn't had a winning season since like high school (including his time in the aforementioned AFC Worst) is a bit concerning.

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