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Was I just hearing things on the Hall of Game game or..


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Did they say one of the Skins preseason games was gonna be televised nationally? As they were going to commercial they were running down the preseason schedule and I swore I heard, "blah, blah, blah......the REDSKINS"

Can anyone confirm or shoot this down?

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NFL preseason dates and times announced

NEW YORK (May 15, 2003) -- The dates and kickoff times for a 66-game NFL preseason schedule were announced today, beginning with an American Bowl between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tokyo, Japan on August 2.

The Tokyo game –- televised live at 5:00 AM ET on ESPN2 and re-aired at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN -– is the first of 11 national preseason telecasts. It will be followed two nights later by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game on Monday night, August 4 featuring the Green Bay Packers versus the Kansas City Chiefs in Canton, Ohio (ABC, 8:00 PM ET).

The 2003 preseason schedule was announced in February, without dates and times, which now have been determined.

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Sorry - I did see a commercial with Champ for the season opener though! If you know someone or some place with an old-school sattelite dish, you can tune in, otherwise we're out of luck. If anyone knows any way to get the games with Directv, share the love!!!!!

Here are the nationally televised games:

Preseason Week One

Aug. 7 N.Y. Giants at New England 8 p.m. ESPN

Aug. 11 Philadelphia at New Orleans 8 p.m. ESPN

Preseason Week Two

Aug. 14 Oakland at San Francisco 8 p.m. FOX

Aug. 15 Green Bay at Cleveland 8 p.m. CBS

Aug. 16 Buffalo at Tennessee 8 p.m. ESPN

Aug. 18 Tampa Bay at St. Louis 8 p.m. ABC

Preseason Week Three

Aug. 21 Dallas at Pittsburgh 8 p.m. FOX

Aug. 22 Atlanta at Miami 8 p.m. CBS

Aug. 25 Indianapolis at Denver 8 p.m. ABC


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Just be happy you dont live where I do and you can only goto a sports bar to watch the skins as long as the Jags aren't playing. Because if the jags are on all TV's tune into that game which sucks donkey nutz :cuss:

I wanna go back home to Delaware during Football season!! :(


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I am going to a trade show in Chicago on Sat and right around the corner from my hotel is the ESPNZONE. I'm grabbing one of the front row recliners and making sure my waiter knows not to let my run out of :pint: .

I know its only preseason but I am excited.


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Welcome JaxSkins. I understand your pain. I live in NC and have to stomach the PANTHERS this and the Panthers that!


Thank God for the Sports bar! At least until I make the HDTV/Dish move. maybe next year. :)

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Hang in there, guys. The day is quickly coming when you'll be able to get all the preseason games live on PPV somewhere or other. Just today there was a big article in the WP about the launch of the NFL Channel this November, and how one of the items up for discussion is live telecast of future preseason games.

Seems to me there's just too much money prospectively to be made for someone NOT to bid into the coverage of all these games. Most if not all of the games are locally broadcast anyway ... it's just a matter of negotiating the labyrinthine morass of the rights fees.

Hang tough for another year or two.


Actually, I have no idea if that's true or not. I just wanted to say "labyrinthine morass."

It's hard to work that puppy into everyday conversation.

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"Hey Brave, maybe you can close your eyes and everytime they say Stephen Davis just act like it was last year....hahaha!!" - Steve Y

No Steve ... if I want to close my eyes and remember Stephen Davis it won't be last year I'll be thinking of. :)

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