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Sagarin's NFL Ratings - Week 16

Mark The Homer

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The Redskins (4-11) have again retained their spot at #26 - mostly because they've managed to keep games close most of the time this season, which gives them a good relative position in the PURE POINTS column.

Interestingly, the Saints (13-2) have moved into the #1 spot after dropping two games in a row. Again, this is because of their favorable position in the PURE POINTS column, relative to the Colts (14-1) who dropped to #2 after their two-touchdown loss to the Jets.

The NFC East, as a division, dropped to #2, second to the AFC East due to the hapless play of the Redskins and Giants.

The San Diego Chargers (12-3) are ranked #4.

The Chargers are favored by about 17 points Sunday, according to this system.



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