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Drudge/Youtube: Sen Max Baucus Drunk on Senate Floor - Shouts Down Wicker


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I know Max Baucus fairly well. He and my father are good friends. I can tell you that he does not normally talk like that. He is definitely drunk or on painkillers. He's been going through a lot the last few years with a divorce and several public "situations". This is embarrassing. He needs to get his **** together.

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On his Facebook page, former congressman Mark Foley commented on the video: "This is the senator that hired his staffer and then took her on trips...and divorced his wife....and they had me run out of town."

Tip to Mr. Foley:

The staffer was (I bet) over 18. (And probably the "right" sex.)

And you resigned and ran out of town. (One jump ahead of the lynch mob.)

(And if you really want to help your Party, you'd keep your name as far away from the news as possible, and count on the well known fact that the public have short attention spans.)

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I don't think Baucus was drunk, I think he was incensed and his blood came to a boiling point. Over a period of several Months he did absolutely everything he could to try and come up with a bipartisan solution for healthcare reform, and Republicans responded by putting their party ahead of their country.

At this point Baucus of all people has the right to tell it like it is. Good for him.

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