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Tonite is the debut of the eventual 2003 Rookie of The Year....


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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

Looks like your pick for rookie of the year is a bust, Mick.

The key word was "debut". How many other rookies do you pronounce a bust after 1 preseason game ? Give her the same slack you give everyone else this time of year, which is summed up in the familiar phrase "It's only preseason."

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Originally posted by NavyDave

Isnt Scott Erickson the guy who was beatup up by Tawnee Kitaen of bachelor party fame?

Nawww, that was Chuck Finley.

Seemed like she was justing reading cue cards, kept looking down.

I was not impressed.

We need someone on the sidelines who is funny, cause they sure as heck don't come up with any "scoops".

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