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My Ultimate Wish is for the 'Skins to win the SB next year in Dallas (MET)


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That if this troubled franchise is to ever, EVER win another super bowl... It's next year, after hearing it's in Dallas. Just think about how bad that would hurt and stick in the minds of the 'boys fans for the rest of their lives!!!

Sorry, hardly a new thread I guess but damn... It would keep me happy till I die!:dallasuck

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We have a lot more important things to be concerned with before that. I understand the sentiment but rebuilding the franchise into a winning organization is going to take time and work.

See I differ where it comes to just "how far off we are"... With some depth at o-line and BETTER coaching I honestly feel like we're as good as anyone.

Maybe I'm "seriously" tired.... I can hope though!

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