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WP: Haynesworth accepts fine: 'We're a family'


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Thanks to Bubba for posting this in the breaking news section.

Say what you want to about Haynesworth but the man isn't going to let his teammates get shoved around. I remember during the Atlanta scuffle he was right in the middle of it too, taking up for our guys. This is the attitude the whole team needs to have.

Yeah, Al gets hurt a lot but he got hurt in Tennessee as well. We knew it when we signed him and we all knew he prob wasn't going to start 16 games a season.

We've already seen how he makes his teammates better. I have a feeling once Blache is out of here and we get someone that's going to let Big Al do his own thing like in Tenn., you're going to see some serious havoc upfield. Combine that with Orakpo on the line full time and Romo sits to pee/Eli/McNabb can go ahead and start picking out their caskets.


Haynesworth accepts fine: 'We're a family'

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth figured he would have to write a check for his involvement in an incident on the field during Monday night's 45-12 loss to the New York Giants. He found out how big the amount is today: $10,000.

That was how much the NFL fined Haynesworth in handing down disciplinary action against him and New York running back Brandon Jacobs, who must pay $7,500 for his role in the altercation, according to a league source familiar with the situation.

"You gotta do what you gotta do," Haynesworth said after practice at Redskins Park. "That's just the way it is."

The incident occurred early in the fourth quarter of the rout and primarily involved cornerback DeAngelo Hall (who was not fined), Haynesworth and Jacobs. With quarterback Eli Manning in the process of being sacked by Lorenzo Alexander, Manning flipped the ball to the right to Jacobs, who couldn't get a handle on it while Hall was battling him.

After the ball fell to the ground, Hall and Jacobs mixed it up, shoving each other as players from both teams rushed in. Haynesworth got into it with Jacobs and Giants tackle Will Beatty, and punches were clearly thrown. Haynesworth was assessed an unsportsmanlike penalty.

"I mean, we're a family, we're like a bunch of brothers, and you're supposed to stick up for 'em," Haynesworth said. "I know growing up, shoot, your brother got jumped, you were there and you ain't help? Then you were gonna get it when you get home. You've got to stick up for 'em."

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I'm loving this from Big Al. Maybe it's because I was raised on hockey, where sticking up for your brothers is a big part of the culture and tradition, but I loved when Big Al stepped in on Monday. Jacobs is significantly bigger than D-Hall, and if Haynesworth hadn't stepped in Hall could well have gotten hurt.

Jacobs is a punk. The fact that he got off on only $7500 is infuriating. That ******* is certainly not new to pulling stunts like this.

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Too bad they've got total push-overs for parents.

I'm glad Al feels that way though, ready to fight with his brothers, wish the whole team did. I'm just wondering how many fights D-Hall gets in before Haynesworth starts smackin' him on the back of the head like, "why'd you do that? Come on."

I think WE the fans are a family too. A completely disfunctional ****** up family. Just like juvy, or a real family. (This is where I start to tear up and give you guys a big hug.)

Merry Christmas all, BTW.

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The mob mentality needs to be avoided, it is important not to fight over every little shove and insult. That being said somebody is messing with your team mate you stick up for them. Nobody touched my QB without repriprocity, that was the rule on and off the field and everyone knew it.

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