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Are you a re-gifter?


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I just got a nice box of some delectable truffles from my boss, and as much as I would like to eat them, I have every intention of re-gifting them tomorrow. I have already removed the name tag from the gift bag they were given to me in. I think I'm going to give them to my uncle.

I do this almost every year, usually with presents from co workers, but I've also re-gifted clothing a couple times, along with picture frames and other similar items.

How do you guys feel about re-gifting, and what have you re-gifted in the past?

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Haha yeah that's sorta my stance too. I wonder how often our re-gifts are re-gifted again?

Based on some the things I have received...I would say A LOT! :laugh:

Such as:

- Mickey Mouse Tie

- a keychain with a silver star??

- Christmas ornaments...not Redskins ones either...just with Santa and **** on them.

- A chocolate fondue pot?? WTF???

- A DVD of the "Crying Game"

just to name a few!


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sure. just because you regift doesn't mean the gift is flawed. Suppose you get a gift certificate to starbucks and you don't drink coffee? Is giving it to someone who does horrible?

I don't consider that re-gifting, unless you present it as a gift.

I will just give it to someone that I know likes it, not as a present, but as something I won't use and I think they might enjoy/use.

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