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What a crappy decade.


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Imagine going into a time machine back to December 1999 and telling yourself what was going to happen over the next ten years:

- Stock prices at the end of 1999 are a fraud, the tech bubble pops.

- The World Trade Centers get destroyed by terrorists.

- The US goes to the Middle East and enters the longest war in US history.

- House prices will sky rocket, inflated by lenders handing out loans like candy and people buying houses with ARMs they cannot afford.

- Gasoline prices go over $4 for a while.

- The decade ends with unemployment around 10% with the government spending additional trillions just to avoid an economic depression.

- The Red Sox and White Sox win the World Series but the Cubs go another 10 stinking years without a WS victory.

You'd have to admit, if you were back in 1999 and heard this stuff, you'd be a little freaked out.

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Depends. I hear Heaven's pretty nice. Of course, I'm sure the guys that didn't make it there would surely like a second chance.

Well, until I hear it from someone who's actually been there, the place doesn't exist.;)

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Let's see here.

Still employed.

Have roof over head.

Have food on table.

Have medical insurance.

Have good health.

Have a great wife, kids, family and friends.

Able to take nice vacations.

Etc, etc.

With all of the above, it would be selfish for me to complain about anything knowing that there are a lot of people that struggle just to have life's necessities.

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Like the health care bill, it's promised to be a diamond, someday. :silly:

Well, if it makes you feel better 3/4s of the TARP money lent to the banks have been repaid and supposedly we're 16 billion ahead (at least based on a report I heard in the morning news today) So, sometimes the conservative gloom and doom can be wrong. Perhaps, this will be the same (not holding breath), though I suspect when Social Security and Medicare were first passed Conservatives thought the world would end and it didn't... in fact, we have thrived and gone through many prosperous times since its passage.

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Its been a pretty sweet decade for me and mine:

- Doubled the size of my family with 2 little girls. That alone made this decade great.

- Bought my first house in 2001 so I've still got a big chunk of equity.

- Started 3 non-profit organizations. All three doing well.

- Paid off all debt other than the mortgage. Feels good to be free of that.

- My wife is still really pretty. :)

- I've got better friendships now than I've ever had.

- Parents live close now and I get to hang out with my dad.

As long as I think small, the decade has been great.

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