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high school RB bowls over 3 defenders at once


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I watched it when I saw it on yahoos home page and just watched it again. I just don't think its that big of a deal. He trucked one defender really, the other two hit each other. Im missing something here.

Yahoos link made it seem like it was this spectacular run for the ages. :(

After further review, the replay booth has determined that the ball carrier did not bowl over 3 defenders.

He only bowled over 1 defender, and the other 2 were simply tripped.

He might not have even touched the other 2.

And is it even physically possible, to simultaneously bowl over 3 guys ?

(not talking about the strength aspect, but the body positioning necessary)

Only if you're 3 times as wide as them.

On the other hand, he DID do an amazing job of literally running backwards, and maintaining his balance. I think that feat was more incredible than knocking over 1 guy, and getting the "bowling" effect of 1 pin knocking 2 other pins down.

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