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Favorite Scenes from Christmas Movies/Shows


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There's so many movies and shows that have been done over the years,it's tough to pick just one. I have many myself. But that's what I'm asking. Well,at least one at a time anyway. Gives folks a chance to see what has been posted and it keeps guys like me from posting 6 scenes in one post. :) So. Is there a favorite you have? Or maybe one that sticks in your head more than others. Maybe one that gave you chills as a kid. More than one is okay,just wait for others to chime in as well.

Hard to find the individual scenes,but the first 10 minutes of the Muppets Christmas Carol has several. Out of all of them,I'd say the one at the 10 minute mark has to be my favorite.


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I hate Will Farrell. I don't find him even remotely funny. In fact, he damn near ruined Wedding Crashers for me. I haven't even seen that movie.

He is pretty f-ing annoying. He's funny for about 5 minutes. Ain't no John Belushi. One of the many reasons Animal House beats Old School but anyway...

Christmas Vacation is just hilarious, though it doesn't have Christie Brinkley like Vacation.

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