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ESPN.Go: Williams leaves trash talk to Landry


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IRVING, Texas -- Receiver Roy Williams has taken the high road since Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry called him out for being "scared" last month.

On Tuesday, Williams referred to Landry as a "Pro Bowl player" who he'd love to have on his team.

If Williams truly believes that, he ought to have his Pro Bowl voting privileges revoked. Landry has been terrible this season.

Shaun Suisham was released after the Redskins' loss to the New Orleans Saints, but Landry was just as much at fault for letting the Saints come from behind. He got burned twice for touchdowns on double moves, including one with 1:19 remaining that forced overtime.

That's the most glaring example of poor performance by the sixth overall pick in the 2007 draft. It's far from the only one. Landry has consistently had problems defending double moves and making tackles in the open field, which are two pretty important duties for a safety.

Perhaps Landry ought to worry more about himself instead of criticizing another underachieving high first-round pick.


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Landry Could be a probowl type I believe 100% if Sean was still here he would be( I am not making this into a "we mis ST21 thread") Really he needs someone back there that can allow him to play to his strong suits.....We need a ball hawking safety again. I like Reed hes a good guy but......we need someone who is a playmaker not just a player back there with Dirty30

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that is the only way it can happen

suisham will hit a game winning 47 yd field goal in the final seconds

this is our luck

Right...but it can only happen after Gano leaves the door open by missing a 31-yard chip shot minutes earlier. :hysterical:

I actually don't care about Suisham. I liked him and he did OK here for the most part. However, he proved over 2+ years that he could not be counted on to make clutch FGs. If we are ever going to ascend to a contender status, we'll need a kicker who can make key FGs to win or put away games.

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Laron Landry IS Roy Williams, just the other Roy Williams. The one that Dallas got rid of because he couldn't cover anyone. It seems their stories are both the same, neither was any good without a dominant FS to back them up. The only problem for Laron was he only had half a season with Superman backing him up so it hasn't taken as long to see his vulnerability. Sean was to Laron what Darren Woodson was to Roy.

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Yes but with Landry it's most certainly deserved.

The guy is a bad safety and a jerk on top of it.

you guys are so quick to call these players jerks and dummies but you base them off of what you see on the field. half of the nfl players have different personalities on and off the field so this namecalling and s*** should stop.

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