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WPC: Redskins Christmas wish list


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Redskins Christmas wish list

By John Pappas

Warpath Confidential Editor

Dear Santa,

I am brand new here and am having a heck of a time. My first night on the job didn’t go as well as I hoped, and I could use a few things to help.

First I would like a new head coach. The one I have is broken and has made such a mess of things. If I could get one who already has a Super Bowl ring, that would be great. My owner says he will settle for nothing less. And if you could send one that knows personnel, I would appreciate it. I’m really good at managing. But not so much at picking players.

As I think about it, that coach is going to use some assistants. The top ten defense I thought I was getting is looking more and more like a group of underachievers. My special teams are not too special. And my offense is, well, offensive in scoring, rushing, and total yards.

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You forgot that new set of batteries because your old toys seem so run down and out of energy.

Factually, the one point that I hope is disputable is the Mike Williams part. I think he's shown flashes and after a year of getting thrown in maybe next year he will find his stride. I certainly don't want a job given to him, but I have nothing against him competing for a spot. After his self-reclaimation I'm guessing it's impressive he's been as effective as he has been. Next year, with the rust off and him understanding how to better use his new body and continuing not just to lose fat, but get in good shape, he might be a useful guy to have around.

Otherwise, my biggest problem is that your list may give Santa a hernia, but mostly I just hope he wasn't on the naughty list. Clearly, last year Zorn, Snyder and Cerrato only got lumps of coal.

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