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HP computers are racist

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CNN: HP looking into claim webcams can't see black people

(CNN) -- Can Hewlett-Packard's motion-tracking webcams see black people? It's a question posed on a now-viral YouTube video and the company says it's looking into it.

In the video, two co-workers take turns in front of the camera -- the webcam appears to follow Wanda Zamen as she sways in front of the screen and stays still as Desi Cryer moves about.

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So he came out and SAID he was joking?

Pretty much -

From the article

Cryer and Zamen said they were laughing when they realized the camera followed her and not him.

"We thought it was pretty funny, we thought it was hilarious," Zamen said.

So they made a video, which they planned to just share with friends on Facebook and YouTube. There was no script, no rehearsal, just two friends filming what they thought was a hilarious software glitch.

"We did it for laughs, but if the video does make HP put out a better product, then great," Zamen added.

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could the guy have possibly messed with a setting in order to make this happen? i do agree they were just joking around though. it all seemed pretty lighthearted to me.

lol it could be even funnier if there was a setting to ignore "black" LOL...

anyways... Living in Houston, I got friends who work at HP (some relatively at a high position) so I gotta give them hard time next time I meet them...

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