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Beat Dallas send the Giants to the Super Dome


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I can not believe the call on the redskins 92 for un-sportsman like conduct when the Giant fellow clearly started that fight 2x's .You know if you beat dallas so the Giants can win the wildcard. That would send them to the Super Dome. Let us humiliated the Giants again.

Us Saint fans would much rather have the Cowboys come back so we can teach them a lesson, but after the game I saw today, I think allot of Saints fans wouldn't mind showing the Giants the first time wasn't a fluke, as they call it in NY.

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;7141347']I hope the Skins beat the Cowboys too. But that won't send the Giants to the SuperDome unless they win their last two regular season games and win a playoff game first.

Oh ya I know they don't have much of a shoot, but if dallas wins the Gmen are almost out. Who ever gets to the Super Dome in the end, might be walking into a meat grinder at this point.

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