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Did Jim Zorn take over playcalling?


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Nah, not even Zorn would mess with whatever play-calling was in place, because it was working. NY is pumped for this game and we are just flat. Plain and simple, no heart. Throw in bone-headed head coaching decisions (kick after winning the coin toss, when at home, where home teams statistically enjoy their strongest advantage in the 1st quarter and it helps to go for the kill?! and that FG trick?!) and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Seriously, anybody hear anything? I wouldnt surprise me in the least if we find out tommorow he took play calling back after vinny left. i almost expect it.

NO. He did not. In fact he said this week that he was not going to change anything because it was working.

What this is, is a demonstration of how little fans (and Vinny) know. Both blamed Zorn for play calling when the problem is players executing.

The only bad play of the half was the desperation of the trick play at the end. PERIOD.

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