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ATN: MNF Parking - Cash Lot Open


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Option for copper/gray lots:

Just reported on NBC 4 news.. there will be no parking in either of the grey or copper lots tonight... but said to drive into where the green and orange lots are, flash your grey or copper passes, and you will be directed to lots there..goodluck!!

Cash Parking Info:

Capt. Kaos just gave me a call.

The cash lot at the corner of Brightseat Rd and Landover Rd (a little up Brightseat from the Gray Lot) is open. It has been plowed, but there are less spots since the snow is taking up some of the spots.

Parking is 25$ cash.

This will be an option for those of you with gray/copper parking. Aparently there' still 20 inches of snow in those lots, and as you've seen they are closed.


there's a link to the lot, its right there at the corner. If you've coming from 495, you turn onto landover road towards the stadium. you go to the second light, and make a left onto brightseat. That left turn has two lanes, you want to be in the right one, becuse right after you turn you have to make a quick right into the lot. There are plenty of signs.

The lot is fine, tons of people park there. I use it every home game, and have had no complaints. Tailgating is permitted. The walk is about 10 minutes walking time. but go early - people with gray/copper passes will be forced to use the cash lots.

Also metro is closed after 5 (from what i've heard). There will probably flat out not be enough spaces. So leave early!

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I live right down the street from the stadium(Garrett Morgan Blvd), and passing it by this morning, the lot is a big mess. I hope you guys tailgating tonight get it done nicely, because there will be hundreds of spaces gone from the mounds of snow that is in the center of the lots.

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UPDATE for people wanting to use METRO monday

Metrorail, Metrobus back in business for Monday


Says nothing about metro rails availability monday night, but usually for Redskins games, trains run for an hour after games or so

"metroaccess" is only going until 5pm.. thats not the regular metro service FYI.. but like i said there is no mention of how late service will run tonight.. havent seen anything on the news talking about metro late at night for the Redskins game.. best thing to do is call Metro directly.. and if you do REPORT BACK HERE, thanks

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They said on the radio the Rail service will shutdown at 5pm. Thats from a coworker who heard it on the radio - so it may not be 100% correct, but its what i'm assuming for now.

According to Dr. Gridlock on washingtonpost.com, Metro's still planning on staying open one hour after the game, even if there's OT

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