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Getting to the Game: Roads and Conditions


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I'm currently in a pickle right now weather I should drive from Rockville, MD to the game or simply just take the metro.

Does anybody know how the roads are currently on I-270 and I-495 going to the game? Also, what time should I leave to avoid rush hour traffic going to the game?

Lastly, does anybody know how the gray lots are for tonight?


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all major roads are clear.

the concern is with the parking situation (# of available spaces) and the danger of driving home at midnight, when most roads will be icy, and a lot of the drivers will be drunk. (sad, but true)

Are you parking cash parking? Because there's no garauntee the lots will be cleared. thats the problem i'm having.

Is metro going outdoors? as of yesterday they were only serving the underground areas.

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Parking tonight could be the worst part. I wonder how many spots will be lost because of snow piles. That's the only thing I'm worried about. I would think most if not all the major roads are clear by now and will be by later today.

hopefully they trucked most of it out.

i can't believe they'd just use the parking lot and eat up the number of spaces.

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