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Shanahan/Gruden/Fox: the records


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The threads created today talking about Shanahan's record, the possibility of John Fox (if he were by chance got fired), and the chart shown on NBC talking about Fox being one of the coaches with the longest longevity with a team without back-to-back winning seasons got me to thinking. While their teams, as well as Gruden's Bucs, were not on the level of the Pats, Colts, Steelers, and Eagles as far as winning, one can make the case that each team might fall into the category of having "moderate success" in the past eight seasons or so. The records of each since 2002:

Gruden (took over a team built by Dungy but had usually suffered early playoff exits):

2002: 12-4 won SB

2003: 7-9

2004: 5-11

2005: 11-5 lost in WC round

2006: 4-12

2007: 9-7 lost in WC round

2008: 9-7

Fox (took over a 1-15 team):

2002: 7-9

2003: 11-5 lost in SB

2004: 7-9

2005: 11-5 lost in NFCCG

2006: 8-8

2007: 7-9

2008: 12-4 lost in div round

(2009): will be at best 8-8

Shanahan (incumbent, was 8-8 in 2001):

2002: 9-7

2003: 10-6 lost in WC round

2004: 10-6 lost in WC round

2005: 13-3 lost in AFCCG

2006: 9-7

2007: 7-9

2008: 8-8

In this thread I'm not trying to guess on who would potentially replace Zorn but simply to ask, which team's overall performance between 2002-2008 would you be most satisfied with. I'm guessing many people would pick Gruden based on the SB win, but I was just curious as to what folks thought.

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Shanny & Chucky are about even imo, but no way Fox should be compared to them. Shanny got to the playoffs with a Brian Griese & Gus Frerotte combo at QB, and went 13-3 one year with Jake Plummer and knocked off the Pats in the playoffs when at the time the Pats were going for a three-peat. I don't understand the negative attitude towards him from several Skins fans in recent weeks.

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Shanahan and Gruden are both offensive minds. Shanahan had a top 10 offense five times between '02 and '08. Gruden had one top 10 offense during the same period and was in the bottom half of the league more often than not. John Fox is a defensive mind and fielded four top 10 defenses.

At the very least, Shanahan and Fox can manage their own scheme relatively well. Gruden could hardly even manage that as his offense was abysmal after year two.

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