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Penn State 102 STRAIGHT WINS!!!!

Bostic Hog

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Congrats to the Penn State women's volleyball team. They just beat Texas to win their 3rd straight national championship and their 102nd straight win!!

I'm not much for volleyball, but this is clearly one of the greatest streaks in all of sports history!!

WE ARE ..............


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Darrell, great man, you found a couple of girls that look great. For every two that look like that, I could find you 100 fugly ones. But that wasn't my point, anyway. My point was that he should turn in his man card for knowing that stat.:)

P.S. I once dated a hot volleyball/bball chic.

I don't know dude, a volleyball chicks can't be fat, they gotta get airborne....im not sure what high school you went too, but all the girls on my team where smoking hot

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